WSI, a specialist security and defence company with global reach, is trusted within the highest levels of commercial and government organisations worldwide, to deliver security expertise, services and insight.


WSI security consultants and service delivery personnel, subject matter experts within their designated field of expertise, are selected not only for their knowledge and skill, but their ability to relate to cultural and economic conditions specific to each client, defining and delivering unique, innovative, targeted solutions.  Our engagements are rooted and bound in partnership, working with our clients and our select suppliers, to ensure a common commitment to deliver a quality of service outcome, which meets the agreed needs of all our stakeholders.


We are a discrete company and together with our key advisors, stalwarts of the security and defence industry, have built and maintain a reputation for Trust, Integrity and Effectiveness.





WSI’s international understanding and insight enables our clients to operate successfully, in complex markets. A unique blend of security, strategy, operational and commercial delivery, tied to fiscal objectives, permits WSI to provide the consulting services businesses need to deliver team and asset safety, and profitable growth. 



WSD is WSI’s specialist cyber trading arm, with experience of providing comprehensive digital security audits and design for National Governments and SMEs alike.  WSD's Overwatch Managed Security-as-a-Service Platform offers end-to-end protection for networks, data, endpoints and users, with one affordable monthly subscription.



Outsourced procurement maximises the efficiency of every $ spent whilst ensuring products delivered meet the agreed specification, are installed for optimum performance, to time, with operators trained and properly supported. Project expenditure is minimised, cooperative purchasing exerts greater discounting demands.

Safe City / Environment


WSI provides the highly specialised security planning required for entire safe city or urban regeneration projects. To provide long term security benefit and social reward, WSI positions security as an economic enabler, focusing upon the design elements which permit and foster social cohesion. Technology is embraced smartly to facilitate cohesion and community growth in a secure environment.



WSI has an extensive services portfolio which can be tailored to meet the exact needs of our clients, whilst not an exhaustive list, WSI delivers,

  • Security personnel,

  • Business Intelligence,

  • Audit and Design,

  • Asset Recovery,

  • Due Diligence and

  • Crisis Response.

Tailored Response


Music for one, is noise to another, WSI develops, blends and delivers security services and solutions which are unique to each and every individual client. One size does not fit all.  The expertise within security is not an extra camera or a bigger lock, it is understanding the cause, recognising the right response and delivering a capability which enhances the lives and circumstances of our clients




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